martes, 27 de mayo de 2008

Maravillosa Lydia Lunch

El regalo que Lydia Lunch me hizo, a ver si recupero el empoderamiento perdido:


Men when it comes to women...hold your tongue
In the beginning... in the begining
Before they had invented god
In the beginning... in the begining
There was simply Woman

Some say the devil is a woman
If there´s a devil no doubt she´s a Woman
Maybe a monster...maybe my double
In the begining there was simply woman

Can you remember the sacred origins
When we as a Women lived in covens
We were all pagans...all of us hedonists
We´d have a wild bacchanalia
We´d dance naked under the moonlight
We’d have orgies and wild blood rituals
In the beginning... in the beginning... there was simply Woman

Women invented poetry, language, agriculture, dance and song
The night has always belonged to women,
They’ve always feared us
Feared our power, feared our sex magic

Do you remember the prayers and the incantations
The secret signs and the sacred symbols,
They stole our religion, perverted our religion
Christianity’s a complete perversion...

In the beginning... in the beginning
Before they had invented the beginning
In the beginning, there was simply Woman...

Some say the devil is a woman if there’s a devil
I pray she’s a Woman
Maybe a monster maybe my double
In the beginning there was simply Woman

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